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Air-Lamzac™ is one of best manufacturer for Inflatable Lamzac Hangout & air loung in China , we have full experience over 5years for produce inflatable sofa bed, hammock series products.
Here we open the online lamzac hangout store for retails Just Want to Supply The Best Quality Lamzac Hangout Products To Everyone From All Over the World by Retails Way at Best Price .

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What People Says

My kids love it! It was a bit difficult to inflate at first. We had no breeze so I ran around but it didn’t fill up well. Ended up getting a fan to blow air into it so it would inflate enough. Hopefully the second time will not be as difficult.

kids love the lamzac hangout very much

Love this! I read a lot of reviews and watched you tube videos before I bought the Air-Lamzac. I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t work. What sold me on this one was the headrest and also it’s made in the US! I am female and this can be done. The first thing to do when you get it is practice with a fan and sit on it cause it does stick together at first. I then tried it without the fan and there was no wind. It did fine. Just remember to get the air in fast and close the side and do the other side fast. I then went to the beach in Florida lots of wind no problem! Very comfortable!

Not difficult to inflate without wind for air lamzac
B***o C.

Super easy to set up if you follow the suggestions of separating the inside plastic first. Also really comfortable! Good material and worth the cost.

Father’s Day Best Gift lamzac hangout
M***l K.

Once you figure out how to inflate, it is fun! open both chambers and hold the two middle pieces in one hand. Spin around to grab some air and close quick. It doesn’t have to be completely full. A little air goes a long way!

it is fun,open both chambers and hold the two middle
Laurie Capo

ok. filling it is complex and theres some strange magic about how to fill it.. But when it works, I love it — the “headrest feature” was totally worth it. it stabilizes it (you see internet videos of people rocking back and forth, and it provides a nice support for sideways sitting and reading a book. I’ve used it twice, and look forward to using it lots more.

OK: the trick so far, as learned by watching the internet is do not run in circles… it wraps around you and collapses the bag. make sure its all straight and not kinked or twisted, then Run in straight lines and close it before stopping.

I love it. the “headrest feature” was totally worth it
Florin B.

I wanted to love this, I really did. And if it’s windy it might work just fine, haven’t tried it yet. But trying to inflate this thing without wind was just an exercise in futility. Everyone was laughing at us running back and forth trying to “scoop”. And yes we watched videos on YouTube beforehand.

trying to inflate this thing without wind was just an exercise in futility
Sarah Jean

This is a great product! Once you open up the plastic inside the individual chambers with your hands like you would a garbage bag (allowing the plastic to separate), it fills up nicely with air. There is a slight learning curve, but once you get it down, this is an amazing product. Very lightweight. Fairly compact for travel. I can envision taking this on a flight and if there are extra long unexpected layovers in any airports, no worries with this around. The kids loved it and even my husband who was not super excited I had made this purchase lounged in it in the yard and said it was cool and comfortable. I plan on bringing it to Italy this summer, keeping it in the car when I return. Watching soccer games is also in its future as well as beach days and camping. This arrived in 5 days. Much better than 8 weeks I’ve seen people report who purchased another brand. Plus this comes from California, USA. Folding it up took 2 times to figure out how to best fit it back in bag.

This is a great lamzac hangout product
Beryl Mayne

Each time I use it I get better at the inflation. The cup holder was a nice idea except it was to high on the chair to use (see picture) . It also seems to lose air quickly every 2 hours needs refilled not sure how long it should last? Also the bag you store it needs just another inch or so wasn’t easy getting it back in. Seems sturdy well put together.

Each time I use it I get better at the inflation

Very fast! Love it! Orderd a second one at the same date, but not shipped yet. Hope to get it soon, too.

Very fast! Love it! Orderd a second one at the same date, but not shipped yet. Hope to get it soon, too.
Ivan L.