How do you fill the Air-Lamzac™ if there is no wind ?

  1. The best way is to hold Lamzac Hangout at your side and open the pouch, move forward in one direction to fill.
  2. Close pouch and open second side and move forward in same direction. Don’t swing your Air-Lamzac™ around to fill because it bends the tube and the air escapes.
  3. Try to keep your Air-Lamzac™ straight and just move in one direction. It takes a few times to get the hang of it but once you get it you’ll be Air-Lamzac in seconds.
  4. It only needs to be about 70% full to work well because when you roll up the closure it compresses the air inside.
  5. If you want to fill it easily indoors just put in front of a fan or use a hair dryer (on no heat setting) to fill it.

Is Lamzac waterproof for using in water ?

Yes, you can use your Air-Lamzac™ in a pool or lake. We don’t recommend using in waves or other abusive area as they are not designed for rough use like an inflatable boat. The Air-Lamzac™ is not a life saving device and should never be used as a floatation device for people who can not swim.

Can I sit in it sideways like a couch ?

Of course , you can .And it’s great for that first date at the movie in the park.

Is the material comfortable to lay on ?

Yes, it is like lightweight running shorts, a breathable soft feeling against your skin.

What is the Maximum Capacity of The Air-Lamzac™ ?

The Air-Lamzac™  can easily withstand the weight of 3 adults, which is around 250 KG (551 Lbs). But, last summer we had 5 big guys sitting on the Air-Lamzac™ . It was a bit awkward, but the Air-Lamzac™  was perfectly fine.

How To Make Sure Air-Lamzac™ Not Blow Away When I Am Not On It ?

We have made sure the wind will never ruin your day again. The Air-Lamzac™ is equipped with small loops, so you can secure your Air-Lamzac™ to the ground.

What Is Size & Weight of Air-Lamzac™ Hangout ?

The Air-Lamzac™ only weights 1.3 KG (2.8Lbs). When the Air-Lamzac™ is folded into the carrying bag, the dimensions are (diameter x length) 19 cm x 36 cm (7.5in x 14.2in) . When fully blown in all its glory (inflated), the dimensions are ( length x width) 225 cm x 95 cm (88.5in x 37.4in).

What Kind of Terrain Can I Use Air-Lamzac™ Original ?

You can be a Air-Lamzac™ on almost any terrain. We’ve tested it on sharp rocks, uneven ground, the jungle, sandy terrain, concrete surface, in the water, shells, grassland and even indoors.

How Long does The Air-Lamzac™ Hangout Can Last On Single Inflate ?

A fully blown Air-Lamzac™ will last up to 6 hours of relaxing.

How Long Will Your Air-Lamzac™ Hangout Order Package ?

We will arrange shipping out your order package within 3days .

And your pacakge will shipping by DHL / Fedex , You can get the

package about 5-12days . ( included weekend )

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